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Lymphatic Drainage Tuina

Your lymph nodes are responsible for your immune cells to fight infection, and filter your lymph fluid to remove bacteria and cancer cells. Hence, your lymph system is a super important line of defense against infections.

With Lymphatic Drainage Tuina, waste and toxins are removed from the bodily tissues. This in turn boosts your immunity to fight against infection.

Pain Management

Immunity, Fatigue & Stress


Bojin Signature Therapy

A meridian tissue manipulation therapy targeting all 12 meridian channels, having the benefits of Beauty, Pain Relief and Overall Health Improvements.

Helps to clear up your meridians

Use of Ox Horn to manipulate acupuncture points.

Improved blood circulation

Stimulates and encourages your skin cells to heal and regenerate at a faster rate.

Improved skin texture & appearance

Instantly feel the effects of smooth, younger and radiating skin after the session

How Bojin and Tuina work together to improve your overall health







Our therapists apply a set of specialised rods on specific meridian points, stimulating and encouraging the body to heal.

The meridians are cleared of blockages, allowing the nervous system to be regulated and blood circulation is enhanced.

The combination of Bojin and Tuina clears your meridians in 3 days, leaving you feeling more alert and refreshed after 5 days.

Meet Your Doctor

Our doctor has more than 20 years of experience in the field and has treated numerous patients

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Singapore College of TCM

Member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board

Specialises in Orthopaedic, Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, TCM, TuiNa, to treat a myriad of conditions including Men's Health, digestive disease, skin conditions, neck and shoulder pain, infertility etc

Senior consultant in multiple established Chinese Medicine Institutions 

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Choose from a wide range of Tui Na, Acupuncture and TCM services to suit your needs

Be in good hands of an experienced TCM doctors, who has received extensive training and many accreditations

A safer treatment method with less side-effects, TCM has proven itself to be effective in many ways

Hear What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

“Cherry is an excellent therapist. She catered to my shoulder area and upper back with such apt pressure that it felt relaxing at the same time the joints were loosening up - Main areas where I have pain and stiffness. Excellent spa ambience and therapy. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

“Massage service really nice. Masseuse Apple is very professional and diligent. The service helped me to relieve back pain. Thanks a lot, Citi Beauty. Kudos

Thanks Angeline for explaining the services and package.”

“Clementi branch Lily is able to press all the correct points on my body and relieve all the tension. She also gave very good tips. No hard-selling, Top-ups are our own choice.”

Yang Rui Cheng Angelina

(Tui Na customer)

Saurabh Gupta 

(Tui Na customer)

Sanjana Hirani 

(Tui Na customer)

We Also Provide An Extensive Range Of Other Traditional Chinese Medicine Services 

TCM GP / Family Clinic

TCM Tui Na





Wellness Programme

Internal Medicine


Our TCM services treat a wide range of other ailments such as menopause, flu, skin sensitivity, digestive problems and more. If you are not sure which service suits you better, our doctor is happy to give you professional advice too. 

Simply give us a call or book for our consultation to find out more!

Boost Your Immunity With Our Lymphatic Drainage TuinaFrom $39/45min

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$39/45min (UP$99) 

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